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As you already know, I’m Leilani. 

Here are a few things to “note-to-self,” so you can determine if we’re a fit for your visibility and marketing needs.  

My clients are passionate entrepreneurs and business owners that seek continued expansion, alignment, and growth. They are both open-minded and driven.  They also fully understand the value of social media marketing and need no convincing that it works. 

We’ve found the clients that achieve the highest-level of results, are clear and consistent communicators. They let us know their needs and expectations at every turn so we can support the big shift. They show up for themselves and consistently implement using the steps, tools, and services we deliver to them, and you know what happens next? They see results. They see more leads and opportunities flooding their inbox and DMs. Does that sound like you?

We work with innovative business owners and leaders that  need clarity surrounding the next-level direction of their business. From learning how to best package your product and/or services next to clarity on how to best market it…we’re here for you. 

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach, your vision is unique; so let’s map it out as such!

Me and my team will listen intently to your unique business needs, learning everything we can to develop a strategy designed specifically for you.  I can’t wait to hear about your marketing needs. 

Are you ready to amplify your visibility?

Let’s get to know one another better…

I’m a Visibility and Marketing Strategist specializing in social media marketing, video content experiences, and getting you SEEN. I’m especially known for my signature program, “GET SEEN.”

Using my signature visibility process, I’ve helped my clients amplify their business and become known across multiple platforms. Which means calling forward more clients and customers for them, and lots of celebration dances for me.

I want to help you to.

If you consider yourself an innovator in your field. 

If you’re ready to become known and amplify your message, then we need to talk!

Are you ready to build a visibility plan that gets you SEEN?

Hear about all of our services below!

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Client Testimonials

Thomas Slaughter
Thomas Slaughter Founder and CEO of SICG
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Leilani is one of the most gifted & brilliant online marketers and social media consultants I've had the pleasure to work with on various projects and brands. She is my go to person when it comes to social media marketing strategies in any steps of the AIDA process and feel very fortunate I can contact her at any time of the day or night to get stuff done for myself businesses and my clients.

I highly recommend her to help you with your business social media marketing campaigns, especially if you're looking to grow your following or improve your conversion rates.

She gets a huge 👍🏾
Jennah Lear
Jennah LearOwner of Blue Loui Studio
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I had the pleasure of working with Leilani recently at her Gram Like A Boss Babe retreat for women entrepreneurs. As a featured speaker, Leilani made sure I had everything I needed to present to her group, as well as provided the most heart warming introduction.

Her content and collective knowledge of leading an experience like this prompted me to stay another day and take part in her teachings on social media, client attraction, and business strategy. I'm so glad I did; her approach to teaching these pieces was very smooth and consistent. The group was having results within the day!

If you have the opportunity to work with Leilani in a mentorship capacity or hiring her to speak to your audience, you won't be disappointed; this woman delivers!
Dr. Fanike-Kiara Olugbala Young
Dr. Fanike-Kiara Olugbala YoungWellness Program Designer
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Meeting Leilani was life-changing. When I first met her, I think I was in a space of trying to figure out how to get out of chasing people in the DM's and focusing on that one-to-one client contact.

I wanted more.

Leilani definitely encouraged me to just be myself. She said, "You know, you have everything that you need to get everything you deserve and that you want."

That just resonated with me so much because oftentimes, I think people, tell you there's a one-size fits all formula and Leilani definitely makes sure that based on who you are, that you do the things based on that, not what others are doing.

So, I was able to make that transition and start to put myself out there.

During the time in the program, I was able to speak on stage at this huge women's expo here in Atlanta, and I was able to get my book in the hands of two singers that I love, Monica and Fantasia, in addition to others, including stars that have been on TV such as Kim Fields, and Tamika Scott who's also a singer.

Since being in GET SEEN, I've also been able to form long-term friendships, especially with one lady that was in the group and we meet every week. We help each other really continue to put ourselves out there and get that exposure.

Leilani has been great and given us the tools and the techniques, but I think the biggest thing has been the confidence. Helping us to really gain the confidence to put ourselves out there and to allow ourselves to GET SEEN. So, it has been absolutely amazing, working with Leilani and like I said, just life-changing, and I'm so grateful.
Hallee Smith
Hallee SmithInfluencer & Owner of Hallee Media Design
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I started working with Leilani around the time that my TikTok blew up. I am a full-time creator on TikTok and YouTube. At the time, I'd just started posting on TikTok and I went from zero to one million followers in less than six months. I was also building my business, Hallee Media Design. I was doing freelance graphic design. I was doing freelance photography. I was doing freelance content creation. I was all over the place. I wanted to figure out how I could make everything align. I needed to figure out how I could monetize my content creation and making TikToks.

So, that's when me and Leilani crossed paths. She taught me number one, visibility. What it meant to show up across multiple different platforms to get out of my comfort zone and just get in front of people, keep getting on camera, keep showing up. And number two, how I could bring monetization into what I was doing on TikTok.

So I learned all kinds of different things from Leilani. From one-on-one coaching, to how to host an event, to hosting virtual events. She supported me along the way personally, as well. Everything just aligned when we met and we were able to work together. I really enjoyed working with Leilani, and I definitely think you will too.
Charelle Thomas
Charelle ThomasCertified Love & Intimacy Coach
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"Leilani is very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing how to “GET SEEN!”

She encouraged me to get out and share my services with the world. Leilani saw the potential I had and the best in me. She provided me with the initial guidance, support, and accountability that I needed to become more visible.

Her best friend energy creates an environment that can make anyone feel warm and welcomed.

Leilani’s expertise is like none other I have seen. She is able to read the current environment of social media trends and predict exactly what needs to be done to ride the wave of growth!

Leilani is definitely a beacon of light!"
Talia Haller
Talia HallerVideographer / Photographer / FAA Certified Drone Pilot
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"Leilani was born to be a coach. She is one of the most empowering, positive, and social-media savvy women I have ever met. I have known and worked with Leilani for over 3 years now and she is consistently the coach that I turn to whenever I am feeling down, making up excuses, or don't know how to take my next step.

Leilani has an overpowering sense of light and positivity about her and when she focuses her attention on you, the fear and self doubt just start to melt away. You have in Leilani a coach that sees the best in you and lets you see the best in yourself. That self confidence, combined with her expert advice on business, social media, and leadership, truly lead to remarkable results that I have seen in myself.

When I was first getting my videography business going, Leilani coached me towards my first big client win. I told her I was having trouble with pricing. She took the price I was throwing out, tripled it, and told me I was worth that much and that the next person who requested a quote needed to get that number. Despite my strong hesitation to throw out my highest quote ever, I trusted Leilani, followed her advice, and ended up landing my biggest client to date. This client relationship continues today, over a year and half later. I am so grateful I had Leilani by my side to encourage me to charge my true value rather than a discounted self-doubting price.

Leilani also has so many cross-industry connections and nothing makes her happier than finding opportunities to connect like-minded individuals that can learn, grow, and collaborate with each other. I am thankful that Leilani was able to connect with me with some of my first business clients but also an expert videography mentor who took me under his wing and helped me significantly improve my skill, speed, and confidence.

At the end of the day, Leilani is not just a coach, she also becomes a friend. She is such a kind, hard-working person that truly wants to see her client's success. She sees you, understands, and helps you grow in leaps and bounds. If you are looking for a coach to help take your ambitions to the next level, look no further than Leilani."
Rebeca Allen
Rebeca AllenDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant
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I'm a diversity equity and inclusion consultant. I Focus in an area within healthcare, which is very specific and very unique. It was sometimes very discouraging because I didn't know where my people were at.

Before joining GET SEEN I was also all over the place. I had no idea what I was doing and where I wanted to even start networking with my business.

Once I joined GET SEEN, I was able to connect with these women and find my people that were going to inspire me, encourage me, and keep me on track. It was an amazing experience.

I was able to confront my fears, my challenges. I had meetings with Leilani,and she helped me get focused and helped me see things that I wasn't even seeing. I was able to accomplish so much in that matter of time. I was able to accomplish a lot more than I would have been able to do in months.

So it was definitely worth the experience. I was so excited that I got to do this. It was great.
Debbi Sluys
Debbi SluysPersonal Development & Empowerment Coach
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"So I started working with Leilani when I had been invited to go and be interviewed by Jack Canfield, who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principals. I realized that even though I had thought about this event quite a bit, I wasn't completely prepared for it.

Leilani asked me the question, "What are you doing to be prepared before you even go to meet with him in California?" This is really where we got to start our work. She helped me show up visibly and powerfully by sharing behind-the-scenes videos to build anticipation.

With the practical things Leilani suggested, like what to eat and getting enough sleep, I felt so prepared. I was able to confidently ask Jack at the end of our interview, "How can I support you?" He offered me an opportunity to write a chapter in his next book!

Leilani also helped gel my team around this experience. So my work with her didn't just help me, it helped my whole company and team.

I had another opportunity to meet Gabby Bernstein. One of Leilani's nuggets was to look at other speakers and check them out on social media. I reached out to one speaker who has thousands in her network. We made an instant connection and she invited me on her podcast before the event.

Currently my calendar is booked 6 months out, which is just amazing. I'm grateful to Leilani for the internal work she helped me do and practical things like batching videos. If you work with her, I know you'll benefit from her expertise and skillset."
Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, CSP
Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, CSPCreator of the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Program
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If you're thinking of using Leilani for social media, and/or brand management or to learn how to do social media yourself...

Well, we've been working together for the last two and a half years, and man, have things changed for the better for me!

My brand has blown up. My exposure is incredible. People actually come up to me at conferences that I don't know and say, "Hey, I've seen your videos all over LinkedIn!" Most importantly, all of this has transferred into sign ups to my programs. It is one thing to have exposure. It is another to convert that exposure to sales. Leilani's done an amazing job promoting my brand, managing my social media, coaching me, and teaching me on the aspects I must do myself.

So, if you're looking for somebody to do that for you, you've come to the right place."